Discover the Hoosier TaeKwonDo Difference!

Not just punching and kicking, the benefits of training at HTKD are endless...SELF DEFENSE, SELF CONFIDENCE, IMPROVED MOTOR SKILLS, STRENGTH and FLEXIBILTY! Hoosier TaeKwonDo is "Kukkiwon Certified" a Kukkiwon certificate is widely regarded as the most prestigious of all the black belt certificates within the art of Taekwondo. Hoosier TaeKwonDo has fitness classes for everyone in the family (REALLY). Check our website frequently for FAMILY ACTIVITIES, COMMUNITY EVENTS, and FITNESS PROGRAMS.

Information and schedule for Tiger’s Class, Kids Beginners, Kids Master, Adults, Masters Class, All Student Class.

You will Learn….
Physical Drills and Scenarios, Attackers Patterns, Safety and Situational Awareness.

Hoosier TaeKwonDo gift certificates can be used for HTKD apparel, equipment, lessons and packages.



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1. We offer a variety of amenities such as:
  • Toddler Play Area
  • Large wall-to-wall mirrors
  • Separate men and women bathroom
  • Weight Room
  • Two Sparring Rings
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Vending Machines
  • Extra Seating for Parents & Guests
2. With Taekwondo your child will develop:

MOTOR SKILLS as well as COORDINATION which will help them to improve their overall FLEXIBILITY and STRENGTH! This is a very important factor during the formative childhood years!
Read more on the benefits of TaeKwonDo for kids on the HTKD here

3. Top Reasons Taekwondo is great for adults
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Management
  • Successful Attributes
  • Flexibility
  • Self-Fulfillment

Read Master Nick’s full blog post on the benefits of TaeKwonDo for adults…click here.

4. HTKD is a Primeire Martial Arts Facility

Not all Tae Kwon Do Schools are created equal. There are key things to consider when choosing where you enroll your family. Master Nick has put together a basic check list of points to remember when checking out various schools. CLICK HERE TO READ


ARE YOU READY FOR THE ANSWER TO BORING DATE NIGHTS! Join us FEB 26th as HTKD presents the Couples Self Defense Class! This is a fun, action packed, interactive class that you can enjoy with your significant other!. Learn all the skills you need to protect yourself in a dangerous situation.